Who is The Rich Jerk?

t_Rich_Jerk_bigAll we know is that the rich jerk is a very successful internet marketer that lives in San Diego, California. The Rich Jerk first started making money on ClickBank pushing financial related products. Since then, the rich jerk has been involved in various launches and verticals. The Rich Jerk is one of the most successful affiliate marketers of all time and

Is the rich jerk a real person?

Yes he is. While his real identity remains anonymous, the rich jerk is a real affiliate marketer that has been in the industry since 2007.

What is the Rich Jerk Net Worth?

The Rich Jerk’s net worth is easily in the 7 figures an possibly in the 8 figures after the 2015 launch. While The Rich Jerk likes to keep his exact financial details private, he does like to splurge and show off his internet-made fortune by driving multiple fast cars and venturing in luxury vacations throughout the world.

Is the Rich Jerk a new product?

No, the Rich Jerk is one of the oldest and most renowned Internet Marketing courses in the industry. It was first launched in 2008 and was one of the most successful internet marketing and “make money online” product at the time. Back then, the product covered mostly SEO concepts and making money through clickbank and other popular affiliate marketing hubs. The product was praised┬áby some industry leaders like John Chow and Shoemoney.

What happened to the rich jerk?

The Rich Jerk was off the market in 2008 and has been dormant since then. Although he kept active promoting his own products and enjoying life, the rich jerk withdrew from the public eye. Rumor says that the rich jerk got married and became a dad, which became his top priority. From being a VIP at the Playboy Mansion and being one of San Diego’s most notorious partyer, rumors say that the rich jerk has now settled down as a husband and father.

Why is the Rich Jerk back in 2015 and how is different than its previous launch in 2008?

According to its creator, The Rich Jerk 2015 is a much better product than what it was in 2008. This time, instead of focusing almost entirely on one person’s strategy, the rich jerk has incorporated strategies from several different online marketers (known as the Rich Jerk Advisors). These include Donny Gamble, Pyong Kim, John Crestani, Ryan Moran, and a couple more.