The Rich Jerk Complaints

Don’t be fooled by the Google Results with titles like “Rich Jerk Scam” or “is the rich jerk a fraud?” because in all reality, all those pages have been built specifically to catch search engine traffic. In fact, the creators of those pages will try to SELL YOU the rich jerk program through their affiliate link the moment you land on their pages. Plain and simple.

So is the Rich Jerk a scam or fraud?

Absolutely NOT. The Rich Jerk is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the online marketing vertical. First launched in 2008, the Rich Jerk has been taken down one year later in 2009. Since then the Rich Jerk has been enjoying a private life, away from the public eye. Today in 2015 he is back better and stronger than ever before, with help from various 7 figure affiliate marketers. The Rich Jerk contains thousands of words of wisdom and detailed strategies about how to make six and seven figure incomes from several affiliate marketing strategies. It even has live coaching sessions directly from the rich jerk’s advisors.

What are people saying about the rich jerk?

The reality is that the opinion is massively positive. Some of the internet’s most succesful internet marketers like Shaqir Hussyin, Ryan Moran, John Chow, Jeff Lenney and others have publicly voiced their positive comments about the rich jerk program and its valuable content. In fact, many successful internet marketers making millions per year today (like Shaqir Hussyin) admit that they got their start in the industry from first coming across the rich jerk back in 2008. Check out the video below to see Shaqir’s testimonial:

The Rich Jerk Facebook Comments

As we said before, the opinion about the rich jerk is overwhelmingly positive. As you can see from all these real Facebook comments, The Rich Jerk has helped hundreds of people make money online.

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