Pyong Kim’s Launch Jacking Module Review

pyong-kimFirst, Who is Pyong Kim?

Pyong Kim may sound like a newcomer to certain industry veterans, but he is hands down one of the most successful affiliate marketers in 2015, making him the perfect m
odule for “The Rich Jerk” program. Pyong Kim has been earning monthly six figure incomes all year from promoting financial offers like Regal Assets and others. On top of that, he made a killing launch jacking several high ticket products and ended up in the top 10 leaderboard for most of them. Pyong wasn’t always this successful. He is your typical rags-to-riches story, started out as poor college kid struggling to pay off his debts, got a 9 to 5 job with a measly salary and eventually decided to take control of his life and financial freedom by diving in the world of Internet Marketing. He didn’t make a killing right from the start, in fact he failed for many years, until he learned the art of launch jacking!

What is Pyong Kim’s Launch Jacking All About?

In this particular module, Pyong Kim, teaches the method of “launch jacking,” a marketing method that is still unknown by many marketers even though it is one of the oldest and most proven ways to make money online. Many people steer clear from launch jacking because they think you need strong email lists with tens of thousands of subscribers to have a chance at making a decent income with it. Thanks to Pyong Kim, launch jacking can be done without the use of email lists and strictly through SEO and retargeting/remarketing techniques. As we said before, Pyong consistently comes up in the top 10 of the most popular launches and he does it strictly through SEO. In this module, he shows you exactly how he does it…

Module Contents

Pyong-intro Pyong-Leaderboards Pyong-Domain3Pyong-Products4Pyong-Products5Pyong-Picking5Pyong-WordPRess6Pyong-WordPRess7Pyong-Backlinks10Pyong-DiYBacklinks12Pyong-Facebook14 Pyong-MyOwnSites16 Pyong-Optimizing15    Pyong-Remarketing13

As you can see from all these screenshot, there is a wealth of information in these videos about launch jacking. Watching these videos is probably the easiest way to learn about launch jacking. You also have the option of downloading a PDF ebook about launch jacking… but let’s be honest reading a PDF is not as fun as sipping coffee and watching these awesome videos.

Take Action! This module is dynamite.

Launch jacking is definitely one of the Internet’s most powerful money-making secret, and you have the chance to learn it from the boss himself. If, after watching all these videos, you are still struggling with launch jacking, you can subscribe to Pyongs Coaching service. The coaching option is one of the best features about the Rich Jerk. Unlike other internet marketing products that send you a PDF and leave you to your own, The Rich Jerk made sure all its advisors were available to talk to its clients through Skype or Phone to answer their questions and discuss their particular websites. Aside from affiliate marketing, Pyong is an expert in many other fields, such as cutting edge technologies, market research, market development, product management and much more. Overall, he is the right candidate for teaching others this successful “The Rich Jerk” program.

Pyong Kim's Launch Jacking

Pyong Kim's Launch Jacking

Easiness to Understand


    Content Quality


      Easiness to Implement



        • Very easy to understand
        • Probably the easiest of all modules to implement
        • Shows you real-life link buying strategies
        • Shows you where to find high quality offers to promote
        • Pyong Doesn't diddy daddle and goes straight to the point


        • Noticed a few typos and grammar mistakes in the content