Is the Rich Jerk a Scam?

If you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about someone called “the Rich Jerk” recently, you’re not alone. The internet is abuzz with chatter about this mysterious figure who’s apparently made a sick, ludicrous amount of money online.

Some people doubt whether or not he’s a real person. Some people doubt whether or not his secrets could actually change their lives. Well, the truth is that his strategies have been vetted by real, actual people who’ve made hundreds and even thousands of dollars a day after undergoing his training program.


We could spend all day debating who the Rich Jerk actually is. But the thing we know for sure is that the techniques that the Rich Jerk offers in his training courses have allowed people to:

– Pay Off All Of Their Debts
– Take Luxury Vacations
– Upgrade Their Cars and Homes
– Live The Lives That They’re Always Dreamed Of

There are tons of programs online that claim to teach you how to change your life and make the money that you’ve always wanted to make, right from the comfort of your own home. However, most of these are proven scams. Only the Rich Jerk’s program has real, actual success stories.

What The Rich Jerk Doesn’t Want Me To Tell You – His Secrets Revealed

The Rich Jerk doesn’t want me to do is to give you a step-by-step, in-depth description of just what his program entails. He wants you to wait and find that out for yourself when you buy his program. However, I want to roll the dice and give you the behind-the-scenes look at what you’ll get when you purchase his program.

Keep reading for an exclusive look inside what you’ll find when you sign up for the Rich Jerk’s amazing, life-changing and astronomically profitable program.

The First Module – An Introduction From Donny Gamble

donny-gambleDonny Gamble is an investor and author who is essentially one of the foremost leaders in educating people about search engine optimization, or SEO. The first module is akin to getting a college degree in the ins and outs of SEO.

People who have never had any exposure to internet marketing typically leave the SEO module with an advanced knowledge of how to game SEO and make it worth their while, even with the newer, recent changes to how Google treats SEO content. It’s a complete marketing life-hack.

What Donny will teach you in the first module includes:

  • How To Locate The Niches That Will Earn You Money
  • How To Avoid Wasting Your Time On Affiliates That Don’t Pay
  • How To Set Up An SEO System That Makes The Most Money With The Least Effort

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time with saturated keywords and niches that just don’t pay what they used to, this module contains information that you can’t go another day without having in your internet marketing arsenal.

Module Two – Let John Crestani Show You How To Make Facebook WORK

john-crestaniIf you’re an aspiring internet marketer, then you’ve probably seen all of the articles declaring Facebook to be a dead resource, right? “Facebook is no longer profitable. Too many businesses and brands have gotten into the Facebook game. It’s saturated and dead – people know when they’re being advertised to now.”

These naysayers couldn’t be more wrong. In module two, internet marketing professional John Crestani shows you how you can still use Facebook to generate a serious and practically passive income. This module will teach you:

– How To Use Targeted Ads That Actually Generate Clicks
– How To Turn Passive Viewers Into Urgent Buyers
– How To Steer Clear Of The Junk And Find The Brands That SELL

This module will show you how to actually use Facebook to make real, daily income. Those social media naysayers will be left with gaping jaws when they see how you turned Facebook into a real, serious money-maker.

Module Three – Master Launch Jacking With Pyong Kim

pyong-kimPyong Kim is the kind of guy who you want to just hate. No, really. When you hear about him, you want to despise the dude. Pyong is an insanely successful affiliate marketer who “launch jacks.” The Rich Jerk wants you to wait until you sign up to find out what “launch jacking” is, but I’ll break the rules and tell you right now.

Launch jacking is marketing a product that is having a big, hot new launch. In the old days, this was difficult to do, and usually entailed the use of cumbersome, obnoxious and oftentimes purposeless e-mail lists. Today, however, with Pyong’s help, launch jacking can be done in a way that doesn’t require e-mail lists and still makes you a fortune.

Launch jacking is one of the biggest kept secrets in the world of making money online. You’ll need to go through the module to master it, but Pyong Kim will show you everything that he knows. Once you’ve mastered this technique, launch jacking a smokin’ hot new release will be as simple as starting your char. Once you’ve become a pro launch jacker, you’ll be asking yourself, “why didn’t I start doing this sooner?”

The Rich Jerk Bonus Content – Too Good To Reveal

Those three modules would be enough content to make the program worth it. But the Rich Jerk doesn’t stop there. In addition to those valuable modules, you’ll get an insane amount of bonus content, including:

– Dirty Little Marketing Secrets From Pros Like Ryan Moran and Matt Trainer
– The HACKS You Need To Make Money On Amazon
– How To Make Money On T-Shirts – Yes, T-SHIRTS
– How To Turn Any New Affiliate Program Into a HUGE Money-Maker
– …and So, SO Much More

Beyond all of this amazing contents, members have the opportunity to attend exclusive, in-person events that will truly teach them the nitty-gritty on how to become a serious online rock star.

If you’re sick of living a mundane life and dreaming of someday becoming an online entrepreneur, it is urgent that you sign up for the Rich Jerk’s training today. These modules, bonus materials and in-person opportunities are the game changer that you’ve been waiting for.